Our Green Commitment

Farm to Table Vegetables
Locally Sourcing from Our Farmers
We pride ourselves on sourcing from over a dozen local farms to not only support the local economy, but also to provide the best quality meats, produce, and dairy that we can! Checkout our local farms here.

Recycling to Our Farmers
We strongly believe in the recycle, reuse, repair mantra, which is why we return any and all of our food packaging to any one of our farmer’s in need. This allows us to support our farmers by lowering their expenses, further allowing them to pass the lower costs onto the customer’s at farmer’s markets.

Recycling in the Office
In the restaurant and office, our staff is well versed in our single-stream recycling system. From our to-go boxes to beverage bottles and cans, we recycle it all!

No Food Left Behind
Whenever we have surplus of food left over from events, buffets, and over ordering, we donate the excess to local groups such as Neighbors Link and Churches.

Composting with Dancing Dog Farm

Composting with Dancing Dog Farm In February 2015, Chef Jay Lippin met with Wilson Chang from Dancing Dog Farm to collaborate on the upcoming season’s produce availability.

Dancing Dog Farm is a homestead farm in Ridgefield, CT that has recently relocated from their farm in New Hampshire. Everything is raised “beyond organic,” using no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. 

What resulted from this meeting was not just a new farm to table partnership, but so much more! At the Kittle House, we have been eagerly researching to implement a composting system to cut down on restaurant kitchen waste and create a fertilizer that could be used by our local farmers. 

Now, Dancing Dog Farm and Crabtree’s Kittle House are compost partners! Wilson, from Dancing Dog Farm, visits the Kittle House three times a week to pick up our newly sorted compost bins. Back at the farm, the food scraps are distributed to their most suitable takers among the chickens, pigs, cows, etc.

Checkout how much compost we’ve been sharing with Dancing Dog Farm here!

The Sustainable Sidea Water System

Purified Water
Sustainable Water System
We are proud to use the Sidea Water Filtration System that purifies our water in house. Our flat and sparkling water is purified and created right in the Kittle House. Using this system enables us to reduce the amount of waste generated by purchasing bottles from another water company and allows us to filter our own water and sparkling water on site to provide delicious, pure water to our customers.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability
Our planet is littered with countless bottles; plastic, glass, aluminum, etc. At the Kittle House, we originally supplied Pellegrino imported from Italy. We have now transitioned to the Sidea system, allowing us to have purified sparkling water on site and reuse our eco-friendly glass bottles.

Two million tons of water bottles ended up in the U.S. landfills as only 13% end up being recycled. Plastic water bottles take centuries to decompose, and if incinerated, toxic byproducts like chlorine gas are released into the atmosphere.

This has eliminated all of the waste that was previously created through recycling the Pellegrino bottles along with reducing the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere from the tranpsortation process it took to deliver and pickup the bottles.

Cost Effective
This environmental movement, as good as it is for the movement, is not necessarily inexpensive. The process of maintaining as well as generating the water is costly, which requires us to offer it at the same price as purified bottled water. The only difference is that we bottle it on our own premise rather than at another facility!

Read more about the purifying system here.