Farm to Table Products by Kittle Kitchens

Give the gift of Kittle Kitchens products to friends, families, or yourself! Whether you give one or multiple items of our unique Farm-To-Table Products, it will surely be a hit!

Get a special whole collection in a gift box for $40:
Smoked Bacon Jam
Apple Cider Mustard
BBQ Dry Rub
Hot Sauce (from local peppers)
Farmhouse Granola


Bacon Jam
$12 per container
We dare you to find something that bacon does not make better! If you consider yourself a bacon lover, then you have to try our Award Winning Bacon Jam!

Apple Cider Mustard
$8 per container
We can’t keep this stuff on our shelves! This mustard is so versatile, you’ll find yourself using it on everything from topping your burgers and hot dogs to using it as a dipping sauce with pretzel bites. It is truly a condiment perfect for your personal enjoyment or hosting a party!

Hot Sauce
$9 per container
Careful it’s hot! We doesn’t mess around when it comes to picking the hot peppers for this great condiment!

$7 per container
We want to give you the tools to impress friends, family, and yourself with  Barbecue Rub! The key to flavor-infused barbecue is the rub! Evenly coat a piece of meat, poultry, fish, or vegetable, let sit for 20 minutes for the flavor to sink in and throw on your grill!

Housemade Granola
$12.50 per container
Oats, nuts, dried fruits, and a touchof maple syrup! That’s what makes our granola out of this world! Whether you’re on the go or simply need a delicious snack, reach for our homemade and nutritious granola to top your yogurt or eat right out of the bag!

Kittle House Wine Opener
$15 each

Kittle House Mini Cutting Board
$9 each

Kittle House Reusable Shopping Bags
$10 per bag
*For every bag sold, we will donate $5 to the Food Bank for Westchester