Cheese Please!

Say Cheese! The Kittle House Cheeses

Do you love cheese? Every year, countless cheeses enter into the Kittle House kitchen, but only the strong (or at least delicious) cheeses make it onto our menu. No matter how stinky or sweet a cheese is, Chef Jay and John Crabtree have accepted the daily challenge to discover the gems that will make our cheese plate great!

And what could go better with cheese than wine or beer? We’ve described each of our upcoming cheeses below along with the perfect pairing of wine or beer.

Kashar (Parish Hill Creamery, VT) – COW
This stretched curd Balkan style cheese is rubbed in olive oil and has a delicate milky flavor int of nuttiness and a peppery finish.

Pair with Chianti Riserva.

Champlain Valley Triple Cream (Champlain Valley, VT) – COW
An organic triple cream cheese that is creamy, earthy, and tangy.

Pair with a merlot.

Alderny (New York State) – COW
A raw cow’s milk tome, aged 60 days, and is based with organic milk.

Pair with a hearty red wine.


Harpersfield (Jefferson, NY) – COW
Aged 8 to 9 months. This cheese is a creamy yellow color with a slightly sour flavor. The cheeses are aged in the farm’s cave, and washed and brushed regularly for two months to form a hard rind. This protects the smooth interior and preserves the buttery flavor of the cheese. The firm-textured cheese is fruity with a spicy tinge.

Pair with a robust beer or wine.

St. Stephen (Four Fat Fowl Creamery, NY) – COW
Hand crafted triple cream that bursts with buttery and milky overtones. a Smooth, silky interior made from all natural jersey cow’s milk and fresh jersey cream creates the perfect texture, while the soft, bloomy rind adds an earthy flavor with nutty undertones.

Serve with a pale ale or IPA.

Moonlight: Chaource Style (Chasehold Farm, Pine Plains, NY) – COW
Slightly aged, bloomy rind cheese whose white rind just conceals the ash layer beneath. Moonlight has a tart and firm chèvre style center in its youth and ripens from the outside in as it ages. The pate sweetens taking n an ever more delicate body and creaminess.

Pair with crips white wine or a buttery chardonnay.

Humble Herdsman (Parish Hill Creamery, VT) – COW
This cheese is hard cider washed rind that is slightly creamy, nutty, and fruity.

Pair with a Syrah.

Gore-Dawn-Zola (Green Mountain Creamery, VT) – COW
This gorgonzola dolce style of blue is very creamy, slightly sweet and has a complex earthy finish.

Pair it with a port or stout.

White Diamond (Boston Post Creamery, VT) – GOAT
A goats milk Camembert style creamy buttery cheese with a mushroom finish.

Pair with a Spanish cava.

Justine (Cooperstown Cheese Company, Sharon Springs, NY) – COW & SHEEP
3-5 months old and has a very lush mouth feel and creaminess. It’s a little earthy, but the cow’s ilk mellows the flavors.

Pair with a dry French rose wine or fruity beer like the Beligan cherry.

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